Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well I'm back

I have had a very busy week and now I finally have some time to blog. Thanks for your post Uli and Brenda you made me feel missed. Sometimes I wonder if anyone bothers to read this blog.
I had such a nice week with my daughter. Here is a picture of Megan at her baby shower. Doesn't she look great she is certainly glowing.
Megan at her Baby Shower
I have been really knitting a lot. Don't have many pictures but so far last week I knit this baby sweater
several pair of baby socks and matching hat out of Brazil 5001.
I knit this sweater out of Opal 6py 1126
Here it is minus the buttons.
Opal Baby Sweater

I am making a matching pair of socks next. I got the sweater and socks out of 1 ball of yarn. Great yardage.
Another item to show. My mom finished her knit along sweater 2 weeks ago and I just got around to posting about it. It is beautiful.
Knit Along Sweater
I haven't got much done on my sweater. I am far too busy knitting baby items and items for the Noro pattern book. I think this baby will have enough sweaters for now. The baby is expected in June. Not exactly sweater weather but it is so fun knitting all these little sweaters. Once the baby is born and we know whether its a boy or girl then I will go really crazy with the knitting.
Latter same day

Here is the sweater and socks finished on Ming
Opal Baby Sweater on Ming
It turned out quite small but it sure is cute. can't wait to start posting pictures of our Grandbaby.


Anonymous said...

Shelley I love reading your blog. I am knitting socks with the Regia Tip and Top I got from you and they look great. They are very soft.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog as well. I live in Vancouver but am from Qualicum Beach and we try to get over to the Island(s) a few times a year. Can't wait to get to your store on the next trip. I love your Mom's green tank. Might have to get going on that myself....