Thursday, May 26, 2005

6 down - 4 to go

That is the sock count. I am just starting on the 4 pair that need to be done by Sat. I also knit 5 pair of baby socks and have enough yarn for a few matching hats. I took a break from sock knitting yesterday but I am back at it today. Hand knitting I am working on the last square of the Heirloom afghan my Mom and I are making. She has it all sewn up except the last square and a bit of the border she is working on. If my daughter can hang on to the baby for a week more it will be done. Her midwife said she could have the baby anytime now. She is 37 weeks and her due date is June 17th.
The store was great yesterday as usual. So much fun I can't call it work. I don't have any picutes but I will on Sat. I will take some pictures of our booth at the Sat. Market.

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Uli said...

You're just a knitting machine this week, aren't you? What do you do with the store while you're at the market? Or is the market in the morning and the store opens in the afternoon?
Have a good weekend.