Sunday, May 22, 2005

What a great Sale that was

Just as my title suggest the sale went great. My post yesterday was just before I went and sat on the couch to watch a movie. Fell asleep and then got up at midnight and went to bed. I really was exhausted.
The sock yarn star of the sale was the Opal Petticoat everyone loves it. I have to order more already. I also sold lots of Fortissima
The first market went well also. I got so many orders for socks that I will be knitting for many hours this week. I have 2 pair adults and 1 baby pair knit already 8 adults and 9 baby pair to go.
One problem I have with knitting socks is I don't waste any yarn I have to wind it onto a spool to knit using my knitting machine so once its on the spool I knit until it is gone. So making 10 adult pair of socks means I also knit 10 baby pair. So I will really knit 20 pair this week.
The store was packed yesterday all day. My brother and his family came to visit for the holiday weekend so they were there for a while. I gave my niece Jessie aspool knitting set and showed her how to use it. She was well on her way to knitting miles of cord when she left. She is going to stay with me for 2 weeks this summer so hope to teach her to knit. She is quite eager to learn.
Jessie learning spool knitting
There were a few people in the store yesterday with knit items one was a lady and her grand daughter. She made her grand daughter this poncho with Sirdar Yoyo. It looks so cute on her. She is also teaching her to knit and they came in to get some sock yarn.
Yoyo poncho The poncho sure looks great.
Karen was in with another baby sweater completed. Hopefully the next picture of Karen will be holding the baby wearing the sweater. It is fun to have someone to share my excitement with about the new grandbaby. I wonder who will be a Grandma first. I will keep you posted.

Karen's Baby Sweater
Isn't that sweater sweet. She made if with Sirdar 4ply confetti colour. The buttons are little Kuala bears.
Well I better go knit some socks.

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Uli said...

I always love seeing those customer projects you show. Sounds like you'll be knitting socks. Better get more of that Petticoat!! I'm totally in love with it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm so glad it's a long weekend. Gotta go fold more laundry now.