Monday, May 02, 2005

A little mistake is fixed

Thanks to a very fast knitter who has already knit my baby sock pattern she found a little mistake. It was in the shaping the heel part and I had inverted the k1 sl1 after the k6. Now it is fixed so if you print the pattern earlier today you might want to correct that or print a new one.
Hey I am mostly a machine sock knitter what do I say!!! Whoops

Thanks Ann - I was telling her my new Grandbaby will have to change socks 3-4 times a day to wear all the pairs of socks I have made that child. That baby will have the best looking feet in Vancouver and the best sock collection ever. I think I will make a little clothes line mobile for the baby.

Guess what I finished the baby sock and started a new pair of child's socks using Noro Kujaku, This yarn makes great socks. I will post the picture when done. I am starting to get hooked on hand knitting socks. They are really cute. The poor lonely poncho is still in waiting. I just can't get at it. Anyone want a 7/8th finished poncho to finish. It is haunting me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley!
Thanks for sharing this pattern, your pic of the finished sets just looks so gosh darn cute! I always seem to have leftover sock yarn, and also seem to know lots of people having babies, so it's a good fit. Thanks again.