Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday so we had a birthday party for him at the store. We ordered a Pizza (Yes you can get pizza on Quadra) and had cake. It was fun. It was a nice day so we sat out at the picnic table. The cake was a big hit all day as the knitters arrived.
Here is a picture of Mom, Dad ,Judy (my sister) and Bella our dog all enjoying pizza.
Dad's birhtday party .
I gave Dad some socks for his birthday. He got a pair of Rainforest Owl and Regia cotton 4078. He liked the socks a lot but he loved the box they came in. I only thought I gave him socks not socks and a hat. That was funny
Dad's birhtday party hat .
The store was really busy yesterday and a lot of people came to enjoy sitting outside knitting and eating cake.
Knitters .
We also had a 4 legged shopper. Maggie was in with her owner Lisa. I think Maggie likes yarn as much as Lisa. She has good taste, here she is checking out the Lorna's Laces.
Shopping dog.
Last thing is a picture of Kate our youngest knitter. She is 6 and learning to knit. She is going to be a great knitter. She pays very close attention to every stitch. She knows how to cast on, knit and fix mistakes already. Next week we will work on purl and cast off. I love teaching kids that young they are like little sponges. Kate is making a nice red scarf.
Kate learning to knit.
So it was a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day, and such a great one to be outside!