Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Teaching knitting

I had an 11 year old girl in the store tonight for knitting lessons. She bought the book, yarn and needles last week and arrived tonight with about 4 rows knit. She had cast on 22 stitches and was going to make a scarf. By the 4th row she had about 55 stitches and a real mess. We have all been there, so she got the hardest lesson of all I made her tear out her hard work and start over.
I showed her how to cast on then ripped it off and made her do it, she did it. Then she knit a row and counted her stitches and it had grown by 2 so I made her find the mistakes and take it back and fix it. I feel if you are going to learn to knit you need to know how to fix a mess too. She was very careful the next row to have the right amount of stitches on the needle. I told her that she was to check after every row and make sure she had the right stitches or fix it. She knit one more row then I taught her to purl. She was a quick learner. After a few rows of stocking st. she learned to cast off. She was very proud of her perfect square. She will be a good knitter. Before she left we she cast on for the scarf she was starting to make and I knit 5 rows for her and told her the rest of the scarf should look that good and she should cast off 22 stitches at the end of her scarf. She will be a perfectionist knittter.
What a meany I am.
The store was busy today and I sold lots of socks. I got orders for more so I better get knitting. The Noro baby sweater is done except for 1/2 in. on the last sleeve. Pictures of it tomorrow for sure. It is really cute.

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