Sunday, July 10, 2005

Noro Bay Hoodie done

I am always so pleased when I finish something. For every finished item I usually have 10 more things on the needles. Here is the picture of the Noro Hoodie. I can't wait to see it on Meika, it should fit her by fall I hope.
Noro Baby Hooded sweater.
As soon as I was finished that I cast on for another hooded sweater for 1-2 year old using Sirdar yoyo. This stuff knits up so fast that I got the back done up to the armholes during a good movie last night. It will be realy cute when done and I will have enough yarn left for a larger sweater too.
Sirdar yoyo Baby Hooded sweater back.
The market was OK yesterday. We got rained out near the end and had to pack everything up in a huge hurry. Now hopefully we will get a sunny day this week to dry the tent before next Saturday. None of the sweaters got wet thanks to the fast action of Mom and Dad, by the time it rained I was at the store. The store was great fun. Lots of fun visitors. aone of our little students was in with a dropped stitch in a Boa scarf. Mom helped with that and she is happily knitting again. I love to see the kids knitting. I didn;t have my camera with me yesterday. I should buy one for the store and just leave it there or get a better memory so I remember to bring it.
The Rainforest is still showing a lot of interest on the internet and at the store. The tropical Fish is in the lead for #1 today. I am basing the interest by the number of people who have marked these items as "watching" at the eBay store
1. Tropical fish
2. Chameleon
3. Tiger
4. parrot
5. Ladybug
6. Flamingo
7. Zebra
8. Owl
Poor little owl he has been in last place everyday.


Anonymous said...

Shelley, I LOVE your Noro hoodie, I have admired that pattern in one of the Noro books for a while, it's done in the Silk Garden, right? I think that colour will look lovely on your new granddaughter, and a perfect colour for fall too! Our LYS has ordered "Yo-Yo' for the fall order, and many of the knitters are eagerly awaiting its arrival.
And on another subject, I think the "Tropical Fish" is my favourite of the new Rainforest colours in Opal, will you be selling it singuarly on "But it Now" at a later date?

Anonymous said...

The hoodie is very cute. I have the pattern book, but no baby to make it for. Meika is going to be the best dressed baby around in all those handknits.
Sounds like the weather is improving. I hope it's nice for next weekend.