Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rainforest Arrived

Wow the Opal Rainforest Sock yarn is really nice. It even feels nicer, more body than most sock yarn. A few things I was surprised about. The ladybug is a darker red than the picture shows. The picture looks a bit pink but it is very red. It is nicer than the picture. I think. The Flamingo is very pink, soft pink to bright pink to burgundy. Nicer than the picture once again. The third yarn that is nicer than the picture is the Owl. It is a very soft brown. I love it. The other colours are amazing too but the pictures are very accurate. I am definately keeping a ball of each colour for myself. I am about to make a pair of Parrot socks and will post a picture when done. I want to make a few samples for the store to show how it knits up.

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