Monday, July 25, 2005

My favourite 6 year old knitter.

Kate is sure a quick learner. On Wed. I taught her the basics of knitting and she was supposed to come back Sat. for lesson 2. Usually the first part of lesson 2 is correcting huge mistakes or starting over. Kate came for lesson 2 late in the evening as she spent the day at the beach with her family. She had about 3" done on her scarf and not too bad, She had gained and lost the odd stitch but nothing too serious, so we decided that it would be a swatch and I showed her how to purl then cast off.
She got it very quickly.
Then she cast on again for the real scarf and knit 5 rows before she went home. I was amazed she recognized every mistake she made. She took her knitting back anf fixed her mistakes. She is going to be a pro. Her she is very proud of her accomplishments.
Kate's knitting .
She was telling me how much she likes knitting and she knits in the car, on the ferry and at the beach. I thought well she is one of us.
Later that night I was talking to my Mom and she asked if Kate came for her lesson. I told her yes and that she had done a fair bit of knitting. My Mom was really surprised as Kate had found my Mom at the market in the morning and asked her for help. They had to tear out the original knitting as it was such a mess and cast on again. All the knitting that little girl had done, was all done on the Saturday in the car, at the beach and on the ferry. I hope she can find someone to help her where she lives. She is from out of town. I told her to come and see me everytime she visits her Grandma. I know she will be a good knitter.

The store was fun on Sat. and I actually got some things finished but don't have pictures. I got 6 pair of socks knit for the market, another scarf with the hand dyed, a little hat made for Meika with the Opal Rainforest Tiger and some more knit on the Sirdar Yoyo sweater. I have a cable poncho neary done and have just cast on a kids sweater using Batik and the Opal 6ply. I am designing a sweater with the 2 wools. It is turning out great. I will post pictures later.

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