Sunday, July 17, 2005

All Around great day

The day dawned yesterday with a clear blue sky. It has been many weeks since I have seen that. The weather here in BC has been dismal for summer, endless rain, wind and cold. I was very happy to see such a great day. I went and set up for the market in the sun. What a pleasure. The market was great today. Lots of tourists on the Island and Mom and I sold plenty.
I had friends drop by today also, which made the day special. Uli,Evan, Erika and Brenda came by and then Uli and Brenda came to the store once it opened and we had a great time looking at all the yarn, new books and of course knitting outside at the picninc table. It was fun to just chat about knitting with knitters who love knitting as much as I do. I only got one picture, way too busy talking.

Uli and Brenda knititng outside the store.
I am actually in the picture too. You can see me in the reflection taking the picture. The box of sale yarn was Batik. I had a one day sale of it and that went well.

Erika, Uli and Evan's daughter is sooooooooo cute. I have only seen pictures of her on Uli's blog and she is way cuter in person. She is just full of life. She had a great time playing with her Dad while Uli shopped and hung out.
Lisa a new knitter came by the store to get some tips on a new baby sweater she is making. We sat outside too. I was hardly in all day. What a pleasure to have such nice weather and such nice people to sit and knit and enjoy it with.
Today is just as nice so I need to get out and enjoy it.

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Uli said...

It was great fun!!!! In the car Evan asked "shall I even ask how much that all was"...... and I said "you'll see it on the statement anyways"....... :-) Can't wait to start one of the projects. Thanks for everything. It was fun.