Sunday, August 13, 2006


We had a great time at camp. All went well. When you travel with special needs kids things can go wrong in a big way but our trip was uneventful and therefore a huge success. We had a very full week of activities. Here are some pictures. I spent all week with Megan and Meika. Meika had just woke up in this picture and was a bit shy. She is very busy now running everywhere. So much fun to play with her.
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This is the drumming event. A great event for deafblind kids. The vibration was fantastic in the drums. All the kids had a wonderful time. I even put down my knitting and played the drums for a while. It was great fun.
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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe vibration in the huge drum was amazing. Even just simple talking could resonate in that big drum.
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I spent lots of time visiting with the other families that come to camp. It is so nice to talk to them about the stuff we live with everyday. We had a planning meeting for my son as he is going to become an adult next year. This is called our transition year. He is going to be leaving school and start working, so this requires a lot of planning. The kids did lots of other activities at camp. They did arts and crafts daily, a scavanger hunt, went to Science World, had a visit from Cinemazoo and saw and pet all kinds of animals. On the last night we had a great bbq.

I got some time off and went to Granville Island, went to the show and out for dinner with my hubby. (Nice treat.) While at granville Island I met with Holli Yeoh, Bees Knees knits. I am going to be taking some of her new kits the Gibson's Fibre Festival next week. We had a nice visit and of course talked about knitting. She is going to try and come up to Gibson's too for a few days. One evening I met with my Yarn reps. It was more like show and tell. A few other people from camp came and it was fun. I am getting some very neat yarns soon. Will blog more about them once they arrive. Keep you in suspense. So it was a great week, and I am happy to be home. Now I have to pack up a ton of yarn and be in Gibson's on Wed. If anyone is going to be at Gibson's and has a special yarn request email me at . I will be bringing a huge variety of yarn. Can't wait.

I got a bit of knitting done. I am nearly done the edge on my Noro silk garden pinwheel sweater. I got 8 pair of Toe Kozies knit and a new hat with buttons on it. No pictures yet. My camera is acting up a bit. I think I wore it out.


Anonymous said...

Busy summer for you! I'll look forward to seeing the new yarns.

Wylie said...

These are great pictures! I like all the activity and dynamics happening between people in the shots. It was great seeing you and the "kids" and now my mom is working on a sock.