Saturday, August 05, 2006

Filberg fun and our version of bah bah black sheep

I had a great time at Filberg Festival yesterday. It was fun going to it and just looking around at leisure. There are so many talented people there. I only got a few pictures of the Sweatermaker booth. I forgot to empty my camera before left home so I hardly room for any pictures. There were several weaving, knitting and spinning booths there and of course that is where I went mostly. Judy's booth was great, she was right beside the guy who sells hand made drum, they are really neat but I'll bet that got old listening to the drums all day, poor Judy. Maybe she was too busy to notice. Everytime I went by her booth she was swamped with customers.
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She has some great new yarns and this fall I will have all of her yarns available to buy online. She also has some great scarf kits. I am going to be taking all her yarn and kits to Gibsons Fibre Festival Aug 17-19, if she has anything left after Filberg
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We finally got a minute to talk and I got a picture of Judy. She had a busy day. She will be there again today if anyone in the area is going.

Now here is tune that can stick in your head all day. This is Megan and Meika's version of Bah bah black sheep

Hey there Grandma have you any wool?
Yes baby yes baby a million bags full
some for my home
some for my store
and some for me to knit forevermore
hey there Grandma have you any wool
yes baby yes baby a million bags full .

I think that should be my new theme song.

I am going to be away this week at camp with my Special needs guys. I don't have an eBAy auction on and any yarn that is purchased from my Web Store this week will be mailed monday Aug. 14th. I will try and get to a computer so I can answer emails. I think this is going to be a busy week.

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Anonymous said...

Love the song!
Have a great week. I'm off to the Filberg myself shortly, looks like a great day for it.