Wednesday, August 30, 2006

EBay fun

This weeks auction will be very fun on eBay. I just got in 4 new Opal Prototype yarns and Confetti yarn aren't they great. I imagine I will get a few bids on these yarns as they aren't available anywhere else. Brenda - check out the Lime one- I love the fuschia one and hope to knit some socks for me later this week. I have some socks from a sale in Gibson's to knit first.
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I am also clearing out a few sock yarns. Here is a picture of all 10 collections that I have on eBay this week. They are starting at a low bid of $19.95. All the collections have 4 balls of yarn each and some colections contain silk, cotton and hand painted yarn. I have 1 Gedifra collection and it has 8 balls of yarn as they are 50gr. It was fun putting the collections together. I hope they go to good homes /stashes.
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Anonymous said...

Oh you know me well! I really like the fushia too.