Sunday, August 06, 2006

Off to Camp

Every year we take our special needs guys to Deafblind camp in Burnaby. It is called camp but is anything but that. We get a nice posh house to stay in. It is really fun to go to the city for a week. The guys really love camp and it is nice to see all the other families with Deafblind children. They are really the only people we actually have anything in common with. Some of them even knit. It is a very different life living with a deafblind child,(teenager)and no one really understands it except others that live this life. Its lots of work but we always have lots of fun.
I have lots of fun things planned aside from camp activities. I am meeting my yarn reps down there to look at all the new fall yarns and I am meeting Holli Yeoh of Bees Knees knits one day. That should be fun.We will see all of our kids and have a fun family week.
The store will have a few different hours this week.
Wed the store will close at 4:30. and Sat. the store will be open 10 am - 3:30 pm.
Any items purchased this week at the web store or at my ebay store will be mailed August 14th. I will try and get near a computer now and then.
I am taking lots of knitting of course but mostly for Toe Kozies. We need lots of these for selling at Gibson's next week.
See you when I get back

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