Sunday, August 27, 2006

Combination knitting

This is what I am doing today instead of putting sock yarn back on the shelves and photographing the new Online Highland sock yarn, like I am supposed to be doing. I am playing with the method of Combination knitting. It is interesting to learn new methods of knitting. I have always been intriged by the continental method of knitting as it is seems much faster but have never taken the time to learn it. The combination purl row is definately faster than a regular purl row. I will practise this a bit and may adopt it as my new knititng method. Notice I have a few bad rows in there as I was trying new methods of holding the yarn. The garter rows and rib rows were just for contrast and I was trying rib with the new purl method. It is fun to play around with, NOTE to MYSELF - - GET BACK TO WORK -----
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Anonymous said...

Hi, my sister directed me to your website because you're a B.C. person and because she bought some Lorna's Laces and Opal sock yarn from you. She made me a pair of socks from the Lorna's Laces and they are beautiful. She gave me the Opal and I'm making socks on my Legare circular sock knitting machine. The machine really likes the Opal! So thank you. By the way, I lived in Nanaimo for 12 years and really miss it.